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Special Yearbook Prices for 2019-2020

Take advantage of our current sale prices on selected book styles, quantities, and number of pages. Please request a custom bid for other quantities and page combinations.

Traditional Yearbooks:  
250 books with 48 pages = $12.75 ea. 

Memory Books: 
200 books with 20 pages = $4.95 ea.  

Hard Cover Premium Yearbooks:  
300 books with 68 pages = $19.75 ea. 

Premium Yearbooks:  
250 books with 60 pages = $13.75 ea. 

Custom Bids

Excel will always offer a custom bid for schools.  These price lists are for reference only.  Custom bids will factor in the amount of school photography that will be given to Excel Photographers for the school year.  For this reason custom bids are almost always priced less than our standard price lists.

Mix and Match

When your school orders  a premium style yearbook, you may offer your parents the option of upgrading to a hard cover yearbook. You may produce multiple volumes/projects of your yearbook.  For example you may produce one volume for your graduating class and one for the rest of the school.   There is a $59 charge for each volume.

Yearbook Enhancement List:

  • Hard Cover added to a Premium Book

  • Leatherette Cover added to a Premium Book

  • Printing on inside of Front and Back Cover

  • Four Autograph Pages Added to Book

  • Four Year in Review Pages Added to Book

  • Personalized Cover with Student Name & Portrait

  • Student Name Foil Stamped on Yearbook Cover

  • Smythe Binding use for Hard Cover Books

  • Embossing or Debossing Hard Cover Books

  • Die Cutting on Hard cover Books

  • Printed End Sheets for Hard Cover Books

  • Scan fee per page for Cut and Paste Books

  • Paste up fee per page for Excel Layouts