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If you're like most yearbook advisers, you're always looking for new ways to improve the yearbook experience for yourself and your students. Whether it's through creative inspiration, new design techniques or more organizational tools, you've made the right decision choosing Excel Photographers as your preferred yearbook provider. It is our belief "good results start with detailed planning coupled with excellent communications." Our Excel yearbook program offers a variety of yearbook styles, cover styles, layout options, and software choices at affordable prices. Please request a custom bid for your 2019.2020 yearbook order and/or take advantage of our current SALE prices on selected book styles, quantities, and total number of pages.  

Excel now offers a personalized add-on feature with your student's name and portrait on the cover of your yearbook. Contact us today for further details.

Excel Custom Yearbook Covers

Excel Name/Picture Yearbook Cover Add On

Excel Photographer's Yearbook Advantages

We are a locally owned company offering immediate assistance and guidance which include on-site support services, interaction over the phone and customer online training. Plus, our signature Bogle and Brie annual event is another great opportunity to access additional yearbook software training, materials and information.

We understand the value in proofreading your yearbook. Excel will provide a FREE hard copy printed proof book to ensure your final yearbook meets and exceeds all your expectations. When you ship back your approved proof book you may still change your final total print count.

We are here to offer our assistance and support. Our Excel Imaging yearbook team is dedicated to creating a customized layout designed specifically for your school.  Class pages can be laid out by Excel, ready for your school to review and edit. Access to hundreds of layout and design templates or the flexibility to work from scratch guarantees an exceptional yearbook. 

We have flexible production and quick shipping turnaround time.


from the date your final proof book approval is received. If you sell out, you may reorder additional books at the same original price and will ship your new order in 6 business days.
You will also have the capability to print out other publications such as fliers, posters, and booklets.

We will supply your school with one set of payment envelopes and posters and offer online sales support throughout the year. During January and February we will waive any e-commerce fee from the website.    

We are available to photograph your All-School group, graduation class, or any other groups you need photographed. There are no additional charges for providing this service, we simply ask to give us the ability to offer the groups for sale to your parents.