Yearbook Styles


Four types of Yearbooks

Premium Yearbooks are the highest quality yearbooks in the industry.  HP Indigo Ink Press technology has led the way in producing the very best image on the market today. Yearbooks are printed on 100 lb coated text paper. Covers are UV 100 lb coated card stock with your choice of high gloss or with our NEW matte finish. Your final result is a "perfect bound" book with a clean square spine for the most professional look and greatest durability.  

Hard Cover Premium Yearbooks are printed just like our premium yearbooks with the addition of a custom printed hard cover to improve the durability of the book. You may split your order with some books being premium and some with hard covers at no additional charge. Additional enhancements are available to the hardbacks such as smythe binding, end sheets, embossing or debossing, and die cutting which make these books a viable option for use in middle and high schools.

Traditional Yearbooks are the industry standard for elementary schools. Printed on 80 lb coated text paper and  jacketed in 100 lb UV coated cover stock. They are folded and bound with 3 saddle stitches. These books are priced competitively making them far more affordable for your parents.  This results in increased sales for your schools!

Memory Yearbooks Excel has developed this product to meet the needs of school in economically challenged areas. Families should not be denied the opportunity to savor the memories of a great school year. These books are the same size as the premium and traditional books with slight variations. Printed on a Xerox digital press with 65 lb uncoated cover stock that folds and binds them with two staples. Although they have fewer pages, the use of cover stock gives them the feel of a much larger book. This is a great option for schools that have not been able to afford yearbooks in the past.

Cover Styles: 

Saddle Stitched Book

Perfect Bound Book

Perfect Bound Books: The cover is wrapped around the glued pages, and the brochure or catalog is then trimmed to its finished size.

Saddle Stitch Books: Printed, folded forms are opened at their centers and then gathered or nested together – each form falling on top of the next in proper order while riding along a chain.

Yearbook Enhancement List:

  • Hard Cover added to a Premium Book

  • Leatherette Cover added to a Premium Book

  • Printing on inside of Front and Back Cover

  • Four Autograph Pages Added to Book

  • Four Year in Review Pages Added to Book

  • Personalized Cover with Student Name & Portrait

  • Student Name Foil Stamped on Yearbook Cover

  • Smythe Binding use for Hard Cover Books

  • Embossing or Debossing Hard Cover Books

  • Die Cutting on Hard cover Books

  • Printed End Sheets for Hard Cover Books

  • Scan fee per page for Cut and Paste Books

  • Paste up fee per page for Excel Layouts

List of Some of Our Cover Styles:

  • All Schools Group

  • Student Yearbook Cover Art

  • Promoting Class Groups

  • Custom Hard Covers

  • Foil Stamping

  • Hundreds of Customizable Stock Cover Templates

  • Personalized Covers